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Berenguer Boutique 30050 TWINS Customer images
Customer images and comments: Great dolls. My daughter is 20 months old and LOVES her twins. As long as she has one she will share with her siblings/cousins which is great. They are the prefect size for her. I also like that the outfits do come off in case I need to wash the outfit since she thinks they need to sit with her at meals. Favorite gift she got for Christmas!

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Berenguer Boutique 30050 TWINS- 15" Soft Body Baby Dolls

  • Size 15 inches
  • Weight 3.2 pounds
  • Ages 24 months - 15 years
  • Boy and Girl Twins are a realistically looking Soft Body Doll with amazingly detailed vinyl heads, arms, and legs
  • Open and close eyes
  • Includes 2 piece embroidered outfits and matching blankets, 2 pairs of adorable shoes, matching baby bottles and pacifiers
  • Packaged in a wonderful big gift set box
  • At 15", they are the perfect size for children to hug and love
  • Safety Tested and approved for children 2+

The twin dolls are "brother and sister" dolls to your child. They are very cute and soft bodied. They are an ideal weight to feel more life like. Your child will love to hold, cuddle, and hug these adorable baby dolls. The 15-inch dolls are the perfect first dolls for a child to learn what it's like to take care of others. Baby dolls offer kids a way to develop their self-help skills because children are hands-on learners. Dolls teach children how to take care of another person, add and remove clothing, interact with small objects and pointing out body parts (like eyes, ears, mouth, and nose). In addition, dolls help children learn invaluable social skills.

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