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Baby Alive Baby Doll with Black Curly Hair Customer images
Customer images and comments: Great cute little doll at a reasonable price! My 2.5 year old daughter loves this doll! She's had a few baby dolls but this is the only one that's captured her interest. It's a perfect size for a child her age to carry and cuddle and use for imaginative play. Within an hour of bringing it out of the box my daughter was busy taking care of the doll, pretending she was sick and using her doctor kit to help her feel better :) It would possibly be a little nicer if any part of the doll's body was a bit soft so she'd be more cuddly, but my daughter doesn't seem to care at all, and that's really the only criticism I can think of.

4.5 of 5 ratings

Baby Alive Baby Doll with Black Curly Hair, School-Themed Dress, Doll Accessories Include Notebook & Brush

  • Size 13.5 inches
  • Weight 0.96 ounces
  • Ages 3 years and older
  • This baby doll has beautiful hair thatí»s perfect for brushing and styling
  • Comes with her own brush that kids can use to care for baby's hair
  • Pretend notebooks helps baby get ready for school
  • Dressed for school: Baby is wearing a cute dress with a printed pattern of pencils, chalkboards, and books. It's the perfect outfit for her first day back to the classroom.

She's the perfect gift for girls and boys 3 years old and up. Kids can have fun getting Ready For School Baby prepared with her doll accessories for a successful day of school and play! First, get baby's hair ready by brushing it with her special brush (included). After one last check of baby's special dress, imagine she's ready to head off to school to meet her friends!

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