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Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Baby 8-Piece Food & Bottle Set
Customer comments: Super CUTE set to feed "baby" It keeps my Granddaughter busy for long stretches of time as she feeds her baby with the bottles of disappearing milk or juice and jars of food with a divided dish and fork and spoom for real life play. She insists that baby must wear the bib to keep clean! All items are very well amde and withstand a lot of handling. Highly recommend this feeding set!

4.7 of 5 ratings

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Baby 8-Piece Food & Bottle Set Easy-Close Bib Orange Juice and Milk Bottles

  • Size 13 inches
  • Weight 0.16 ounces
  • Ages 3 to 6 years
  • Take care of baby with this adorable 8-piece set
  • Easy-close embroidered bib keeps baby clean during mealtime
  • Includes disappearing orange juice and milk bottles
  • Applesauce and peas and carrots are ready to serve in divided dish

Little caregivers can take care of their baby dolls with this adorable 8-piece set. A super set perfect for little hands and using their imagination. An easy-close embroidered bib keeps baby clean during mealtime. The set includes a divided dish, fork, spoon, yummy play applesauce along with peas and carrots for the baby, and orange juice and milk bottles. The milk and juice appears to drain when they are tipped upside down into baby's mouth, and they magically re-fill when they're turned right-side up again.

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