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Adora Be Bright Kids’ Purse with Light-Up Eyes - Bear

  • BE BOLD, BE BRIGHT - It’s time to empower our little ones to #BeBright, #BePositive, and change the world together.
  • HONEY’S SPIRIT ANIMAL - Meet your Be Bright Honey doll’s animal guardian, Bear, who encourages your littles to #BePositive.
  • LIGHT-UP EYES - Squeeze Bear’s upright ear to watch its eyes glow and switch colors.
  • SO MANY BENEFITS - This girls’ handbag encourages imaginative, pretend play.
  • SNUGGLY SOFT - This faux fur girls’ purse is made with a stuffed animal-inspired texture that they’ll love to carry around or cuddle!
  • PERFECTLY SIZED - Each girls’ handbag measures 5” from top to bottom and 6” wide.
  • ZIPPER CLOSURE - So your little one has plenty of room to stash everything from small accessories, lip gloss, to pet rocks!
  • GREAT FOR AGES 3+ - These light-up purses for kids are safety-tested, making them perfect for kids and toddlers ages 3 and up.

As parents, we know that when our girls feel confident, they have the inner strength to succeed and go after their dreams. With Adora’s Be Bright Collection, we can empower girls to develop the skills and spirit needed to navigate their world from a place of self-confidence and courage. 

Bear is a part of the Be Bright collection, a group of animal guardians filled with the spirit to empower kids to be confident, dream big, and change the world. Each kids’ purse in the collection has its own unique spirit animal, story, and hashtag focusing on a positive characteristic. 

Together with Be Bright Doll Honey (sold separately), Bear inspires everyone to #BePositive and attract happiness in life—always start a day with a smile! With its #BePositive hashtag, Bear is here to spread positivity and inspire everyone to look for the positives in life.

Be Bright Purse Bear is a color-changing, light-up bag with a zippered pouch that has plenty of room for their lip gloss, small accessories, or pet rocks. It’s detailed with a heart-shaped bear nose, a pink plush bow to accessorize, and a pink plush strap. This interactive animal purse is a great choice for fun mix-and-match fashion play, plus it makes a great gift for ages 3 and up.

So why not ignite your child's inner Spirit Animal and collect all the Be Bright Purses? It's time to #BeBright and change the world together!


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