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About Adora Toys

Nurturing Confident Parents and healthy kids

At Adora, we know that you want to be a confident parent that nurtures your child with healthy and creative play. To do that, you need toys that will spark their imagination and support their development. The problem is, in our digital world, figuring out how to reduce screen time can be one of the most challenging parts of being a parent today.  

This is where Adora can help out. For the past 30 years, we've helped parents unplug their child's playtime by providing screen-free toys that encourage children to develop empathy and creativity. Your child's Adora toy will quickly become the one reached for at bedtime, squeezed when knees are scraped, and found at the heart of every special moment

A team driven by ADORAbility

We are wishers, thinkers, dreamers, sculptors, play-engineers and big kids at heart. ADORAbility is the creative spirit that inspires and drives our team to design award-winning collections and transform classic favorites into extraordinary toys.

Designed in America

Dreamed and designed in our California Playroom, we mindfully use premium materials primarily sourced from Europe and Japan, to create toys that are free from BPA and anything yucky. And if that's not enough, most of our toys are 100% Machine washable, leaving you and your child free to enjoy play without limitation.