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5 Ways to Play with Adoption Babies by Adora

April 14 2023

Let's discover the wonderful world of play with Adora's Adoption Babies. From pretend play to outdoor adventures, these 5 activities are sure to ignite your kid's creativity and imagination. 🌈

1. Pretend Playtime

Adora Adoption Babies offer kids the opportunity to immerse themselves in activities such as caregiving role-play! With each Adoption Baby, you'll receive 8 pieces of baby doll accessories that your child can use to practice nurturing skills and develop empathy. 

2. Dress-up Time

These adorable dolls arrive in a removable onesie with a cute matching cap. To add a twist to your kid's dress-up play, we also offer Adora Adoption Fashion sets that can be purchased separately. With these fashion sets, you allow your child to expand their doll's wardrobe and create even more stylish and imaginative looks!

Adoption Babies come in a unique packaging that transforms into a cozy doll crib!

3. Nap Time

Nap time can be a special time for your child to care for and bond with their Adoption Babies. These dolls can also help you create healthy bedtime routine for your little one.

Encourage your child to establish a comforting nap rituals for their baby doll, just like they would for themselves. This can include putting on its onesie, singing lullabies, reading a bedtime story, and tucking the baby into its crib with its soft blanket. This helps foster a sense of responsibility and nurturing as your child care for their baby doll during nap time.

4. Changing Time

Diaper changing time can be a bonding moment between your kid and their Adoption Baby.  Plus, it provides an opportunity to make the play as realistic as possible. Use the included diaper to change your baby doll, ensuring they always stay clean and comfortable. 

5. Outing Time

Take your Adora Adoption Baby on an exciting adventure outside with a stroller or carrier from our Baby Doll Accessory Collection. Whether it's a walk in the park or a trip to the store, your child can enjoy the world together with their best play companion!

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