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6 Tips for Moving Your Toddler to a Big Kid Bed

Is your toddler ready for a "big kid bed"? πŸ›οΈThis transition can be exciting and challenging at the same time for both toddler and parents. Here are some tips to guide you and your little one through this crib-to-bed milestone!

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When to Switch to a Big Kid Bed 

Knowing the best time to introduce a new bed to your little one is the key to succeeding in this adventure. Most children approach this milestone between ages of 18 months to 3 1/2 years. And unlike some developmental milestones of early childhood, like potty training or starting solids, the move from crib to bed doesn't always come naturally. 

Parents may also consider moving the child into a bed when:
πŸ’— They have outgrown the crib
πŸ’— They are trying to climb out of the crib
πŸ’— They are toilet training and need to get to the bathroom easily
πŸ’— Another baby arrives (Make the switch at least 6 to 8 weeks before the new baby is born, or put the baby in a bassinet for a few months before you move your older child)

Source: pregnancybirthbaby

1. Keep things familiar

Remember how much your child depends on routines and consistency. Start by leaving everything else the same when migrating from the crib. Place the bed in the same place as the crib, give the same blanket, and keep the rest of the room the same. Always make sure there is always a stuffed animal to help ease your little one during the transition. Plush toys like Snuggle & Glow Pillows and reversible Snuggle & Glow Pets are glow-in-the-dark stuffed animals that not only can sooth your child but also entertain!

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2. Let your child make the choice 

To make the switch to bed even more enjoyable, let your little one help you choose their bedding. Go on a special shopping trip together to select sheets and blankets for their new mattress. Making it theirs will encourage them to find the desire to sleep there, especially if you keep talking about it as something they have control over.

You can also encourage your toddler to choose which special stuffed animals will get to sleep with them in the new bed!

3. Practice at nap time

Moving to a big toddler bed can be pretty intimidating. An excellent way to set your child up for success is to let them practice sleeping in it during nap time. It takes practice to get used to it!

4. Create a bedtime chart

Another fun and creative way to prepare your kid for the transition is to create visuals for them to see the change as it will happen.  Put pictures of them doing each activity of their bedtime routine and put it together in a book or a wall chart. This will give them a sense of security, control, and ownership of the situation.

Bedtime reward chart from livingandlovingmag

5. Childproof the room

Make sure that the entire room is childproofed as your toddler can climb out and explore around the house. You will want to ensure everything is childproofed, both in their bedroom and anywhere else in the house they may access. 

πŸ’— Ensure that there are no hanging curtain cords or wires in their bedroom. 
πŸ’— Cover up electric outlets and pad any sharp corners. Keep all sharp objects out of their reach.
πŸ’— Secure furniture to the walls and childproof.
πŸ’— Do not place the bed under a window. Lock any windows in their bedroom. Locking their bedroom door can be a fire safety hazard. Instead, put a bell on the door so you will hear it if they leave their room.
πŸ’— Place a soft rug or pillows on the floor next to the bed to prevent injury in case your child falls out of bed.
πŸ’— If your house has stairs your toddler can access, put a gate at the top and bottom.

Source: sleepfoundation

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6. Praise your kid for practicing  

Tell your child you are proud of them for moving into a bed. A creative way to help your kid succeed in this adventure is having a sticker reward chart. Give one sticker for each night they stay in bed. By the end of the week, reward your little one with a special treat, like an extra story at bedtime or a new soft plush toy from Adora.

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The transition from crib to a big kid bed is a big step. As long as you set up a safe, toddler-friendly sleeping room and maintain bedtime routines and rules, you should both be set in a sweet dream in big beds.