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Keep kids entertained at home!

ADORAble Activities for Little Ones to do at Home!

We hope everyone is safe and comfy during this time of quarantine and isolation. As parents, we know it can be difficult to find new things for children to do all day - especially if the weather outside isn't cooperating! We've come up with four ADORAble things for little ones to do during the day (also will give them a break from their screens!)

1.) Create a routine for their baby doll! If your little one has a favorite baby doll at home, have them make a daily routine for that doll they'll want to do everyday! Your little one can wake up their baby doll, dress them, feed them, put them down for a nap & more! if you're looking for a new baby doll, we have some ADORAble ones!

2) It's story time! Whether your little one is learning how to read or if they want to read their baby doll a bed-time story, taking time to enjoy a book is always a great idea to pass some time & take a.break from their screens. 

3) Make BathTime more ADORAble than ever! Sometimes bath time can become boring or redundant for little ones but with our BathTime Baby Dolls, it will be fun again! Each of our BathTime Babies & BathTime Baby Tots are dressed in an animal-themed onesie. Whether your little one loves duckies or unicorns, we have the water toy for them!

4) Let's get cleaning! With kids spending most of their day inside the house during these times, things are bound to get messy. If you're wanting to teach them how to clean up after themselves, our Pretend Play Musical Cleaning set can help! The best part? It also plays music your little one can dance around to while "dusting" their favorite toys!