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Adora Cat's Out of the Bag Mystery Plush!

Who's hungry for a purrrfectly playful treat?🐱 Get ready to unbox our latest surprise: Cats Out of the Bag! Imagine your furry friends transformed into delectable snacks that you love, it's the ultimate mash-up of cuteness & yumminess!🍔🍕


Photo by squishpile

Adora Cat's Out of the Bag Mystery Plush!

The FUN awaits you! Each mystery pack includes one randomly selected cat plush toy, so you won't know which one you'll get until you open the package. Will you get Pizza My Heart, Popcorn, Hampurrrger, My Little Fry, I Loaf You, or the super rare Cupcat? It's a mystery, so let the Cat Out of the Bag and let the playtime purr!

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✅  Adorable & ultrasoft!

Made with an ultra-soft plush material that your little one will love to cuddle.

✅  Easy to hold!

Each cat plush toy measures 5 inches, making it easy to hold when snuggling or playing.

✅  Ages 1+

These cat plushies are safety tested, making them the perfect choice for your kid, whether it’s their first stuffy or tenth

Guess who's inside your blind bag! 🐱 

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Pizza My Heart Plush 🍕

Has an incredible sense of smell that can sniff out a pizza from a mile away!

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My Little Fry 🍟

Loves salty snacks, but only with a side of sauce. Dip, dip

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I Loaf You 🍞

He’ll always take the last slices of bread for a tasty PB&J.

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Hampurrrger 🍔

He has strong opinions on the best type of hamburger bun. Always purrs for extra cheese!

24088-Cat's Out of the Bag Mystery Plush-05.jpg__PID:c30e3cf4-19ee-405a-aaed-6a387423a489

Pawpcorn 🍿

A little snack smuggler who's always willing to sneak a few pieces when his human isn’t looking.

NEW! (2).png__PID:f8496b0b-e30a-48c9-88cb-58eff47a204d

Cupcat 🧁

This rare little frosting fanatic is always super sweet to her friends.

Let the surprise begin!✨

Whether you're a fan of furry cat friends or tasty treats, there's something for you in this PURRfect collection! Collect all 6 and add some mystery to your child's playtime with our Cat's Out of the Bag Mystery Plush. 

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