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Adora Featured in TD Monthly Magazine

Adora Featured in TD Monthly Magazine

Adora is a leading manufacturer of award-winning dolls, plush toys, and play accessories for almost 20 years. Adora products make kids happy. Happy kids make the world a better place, a world with more love and joy. The goal of Adora is to spread love and joy throughout the world, one doll at a time. Adora is devoted to sharing smiles with everyone around the world, embracing all cultures as one big family.

Along the way Adora supports the inCourage Foundation®, a nonprofit organization that creates and delivers gift bags full of toys to kids admitted to children’s hospitals. The bedside gift bags are filled with toys, activates and games to children admitted to pediatric hospitals. The inCourage Foundation® makes gifts bags for four age groups: toddlers, preschool, elementary and teen. Each bag contains fun toys and gifts for the children of the specific ages. Adora provides the inCourage Foundation® with generous donations of dolls and support to help spread the word and build upon the great work that the inCourage Foundation® brings to deserving children.

Paradise Galleries has been selling dolls to collectors, fans and lovers of everything dolls for almost 20 years. We have always been known as fine quality doll makers of the most collectible treasures and our name continues to grow in this ever changing world. Since the start of Paradise Galleries we have been proud to have shared the joy of dolls with millions of customers and today we are thrilled to have an active social media space where we get to interact with our customers on a daily basis. We try to keep it fun for our doll friends with prizes, giveaways and special offers to show our gratitude for each and everyone of them. It is our goal to exceed our customers expectation thereby delighting them with dolls to love.

We work with many charities to help give back everyday. We chose the charities we do as they relate to our products on another level. For the past 5 years we have been donating dolls to the Alzheimer’s Association to help aid in the cure of the disease that affects many lives each year. It is a proven fact that dolls help Alzheimer’s patients to gain their memory by helping them relive moments of their past and to give them interaction in their sometimes lonely days.

Another charity we have contributed to in the past is the Children’s Miracle Network. Marie Osmond has a line of dolls and also is co-founder of this great organization. In which she has been able to help over 17 million kids every year. Last year Marie created a doll that ‘Baby Abby Panda Perfect’ that comes with a small plush panda. For each of these dolls sold one of the small plush dolls was donated to the children associated with the Children’s Miracle Network to help brighten their day.

We are continually pursing additional charitable organization to help our community and the world around us while always playing dolls!

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