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Adora's Gift Guide to Calming Bedtime Play

Having a good bedtime routine ensures a well-rested, happy child. It is important to help children wind down and clear their minds in the hours leading up to bedtime. 💤 When you notice that your child is starting to have sleep struggles, try involving them in relaxing activities such as taking a warm bath before bed, story telling, stretching, and roleplaying with dolls and plush.

Snuggle & Glow Reversible Pets

SNUGGLY soft and GLOW in the dark!   Fear of the dark is extremely common for young kids and can often cause sleepless nights and difficulty transitioning to their “big kid beds.” With Adora's Snuggle & Glow Reversible Pets,  your little ones can feel secure and happy all night long. These glow-in-the-dark plush pets have comforting glow that makes a great great alternative to a night light.

🎁 Perfect gift for ages 1 and up

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Adora Glow Girls

Comes with GLOW in the dark fashion & accessories!  Adora's Glow Girls are friends for keeps. Make it a pre-bedtime activity to play with dolls. Through role play with dolls, kids get to learn and understand the importance of bedtime while they look after their favorite dolls. Let Adora Glow Girls add extra GLOW to your playtime and bedtime!

🎁 Perfect gift for ages 3 and up

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Adora Snuggle & Glow Hoodies

Snuggly SOFT and GLOW in the dark! Wrapping yourself up in a blanket provides calming input into the body.  Adora's Snuggle & Glow Hoodies interactive sleeve toppers will help your child feel secure and happy from playtime til' nighttime during cold winter days. With their warm and reassuring glow, these blankets are sure to help kids relax and fall asleep. They are easy to bring anywhere and they make a great travel companion, too!

🎁 Perfect gift for ages 3 and up

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Adora Snuggle & Glow Pet Pillows

SNUGGLY soft and GLOW in the dark! Make holidays the season for relaxation as you cuddle up with Snuggle & Glow Pets. Their glow-in-the-dark prints provide a soothing glow that can helps create a relaxing space. They are thoughtfully crafted to make sleep training easier for parents. Choose between unicorn, sloth, llama, and dino—or get them all!

🎁 Perfect gift for ages 1 and up

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Adora Glow Jelly Plush

Ultra SQUISHY and GLOW in the dark! ⭐  Wind down for bed with the help of our adorable Glow Jelly Plush. Tap into your child’s imagination with the comforting glow from these glow-in-the-dark squishy soft toys. They have an ultra-soft and squeezable slow-rising body that helps develop kid's fine motor skills and can be used to relieve stress and anxiety.

🎁 Perfect gift for ages 1 and up

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