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Adora's Amazing Girls are READY for HALLOWEEN! 

Are you ready to have an AMAZING Halloween? We know a few AMAZING Girls that just can't wait to celebrate with the most ADORAble costumes! Adora's Amazing Girl 18 inch dolls are the perfect BFF for all of life's adventures. From styling their clothes to brushing their hair, little ones are sure to have an AMAZING time with a lifetime of giggles and memories! With an entire Amazing World out there, celebrate the holiday with Adora's AMAZING Girls that are ready for trick or treating FUN!

Amazing Girl Aurora 

Meet Super Hero Amazing Girl Aurora, the Amazing Girl with super powers fueled by STARS! Her super powers give her the magic to help other Amazing Girls and boys believe in their dreams.  Sometimes, she’ll send shooting stars over her friends’ houses, just as a reminder that their dreams really can come true. If you look into the window tonight, you might just see a star just for you! Amazing Girl Aurora is ready to go trick or treating in her super hero costume! 

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Amazing Girl Lucy 

Meet Amazing Girl Lucy, our animal-lover pal! She’s smart, compassionate, kind and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Lucy loves being around all kinds of animals, from fluffy little bunnies to those awesome reptiles you see at the petting zoo, including her unusual pet - Alice the Alligator! Her ultimate dream is to work as a vet at the local zoo someday. Amazing Girl Lucy loves animals so much, she is dressed as an ADORAble giraffe this Halloween! 

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Amazing Girl Jaqueline 

Meet Amazing Girl Jacqueline! She’s bold, curious and stylish and loves to explore her new home that she just moved to from France. Amazing Girl Jacqueline loves to write, and dreams of becoming an author. She keeps her journal tucked inside her purse so she can jot down all her ideas and even sketch her adorable Poodle pet, Cici! With her Eiffel Towel accessories and ADORAble beret hat, Amazing Girl Jacqueline is ready for Halloween FUN! 

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Amazing Girl Astrid 

Meet Super Hero Amazing Girl Astrid, an Amazing Girl with super powers! Her friends all say that she's protective and strong but she's SUPER playful too! She love to use her super strength and courage to make the world a better place! With dreams and aspirations, Astrid flies over the Amazing World, using her Super powers to make sure all of her friends are safe and happy! Amazing Girl Astrid is ready to go for Halloween with her ADORAble Super Hero costume! 

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Amazing Girl Zoe

Meet Creative & Curious Amazing Girl Zoe! She’s artistic & confident & known for being a good friend to everyone she meets. Zoe loves to spend time drawing in her art studio and hopes to become a famous artist one day. Some call her a dreamer but she says she’s an artist with aspirations and we totally agree! Her friends love her creative and quirky style and so will you! Zoe is ready to be by your side this Halloween with her ADORAble fluffy teddy bear costume! 

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