Behind the Scenes of an Adora Photoshoot!

After our ADORAble toys are designed by our talented product designers, they come to life during one of our fun photo-shoots! When the first samples of our toys arrive in the office, we're all so excited to see them and start brainstorming the photo-shoot immediately! We were especially excited when our Be Bright Dolls arrived in the office - they are Adora's first color changing toy & we're so excited for little ones everywhere to play with them!

From finding the perfect lighting to setting up different ADORAble sets, there's a lot that goes into capturing the perfect photo. The hair streak of our Be Bright Dolls changes from cream to bright pink in the sun so we knew we wanted to have a colorful & playful set for these Adora dolls! We shoot many different products during our photo-shoots; from baby dolls to plush to accessories! Keep reading to find out what our team's favorite part of a photo-shoot day is with our Adora dolls & toys!

Our photo-shoots are a full team effort! From our graphic designer to our product development & marketing team, we all help out on photo-shoot days. 

"I enjoyed seeing the kids' expression and playfulness as we photographed them. It was very heart warming to see some kids connecting with each other so quickly from strangers to best friends." - Veronica, Graphic Designer

During a photo-shoot, our goal is to capture fun, silly photos of little ones playing candidly with our toys! We always want to keep the photo-shoot as fun as possible so we like to blast music & always have snack breaks!

"My favorite part of our Adora photo-shoots is seeing the kids play with our newest toys and seeing how much they love them!" - Meredith, Marketing Manager

"After months and months of developing a product, it’s always great to finally shoot our products in its best form. We also have amazing photographers that have worked with us for many years, so they really know what they are doing! It’s a very proud and satisfying moment for the Product Development team." - Grace, Product Designer

Our "Be Bright" dolls, our newest collection of Adora dolls, will inspire, motivate, encourage & uplift young girls to live in a world where anything is possible!

Within the "Be Bright" collection, each girl has their own unique spirit animal. story and hashtag. Whichever doll you pick (or collect them all!), there is a Be Bright doll for everyone.

Time to #BeBright & change the world together! Shop the full collection here!