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When kids play, they learn!

Homeschooling leaves us moms many opportunities to engage our little learners in meaningful activities that would help them develop many skills while having fun! There are many play ideas, activities, and games available that are  accessible & very easy to recreate at home, and one excellent form of play children naturally enjoy, is imaginative pretend play!

Here are some of the benefits of pretend play:

Nurtures Imagination!

Give your kids a large empty box and they can create a house or a car out of it; give them old newspapers and you may find them cutting them into their own play moneys! Children’s imagination is endless and it’s really fun to witness them exercise creative thinking. The ability to use our imagination is a cognitive skill that we all require throughout life, so let us support and train our young ones think creatively!

Language and Communication Skills

Pretend play helps expand their vocabulary and allows them to experiment freely with words in their own time! This also provides them the opportunity to understand and explore the meaning of the words as they interact with their playmates.

Our Dr. ADORAble doctor play set allows kids to practice their vocabulary as they play the role of a doctor! 

Social and Emotional Skills

Pretend play encourages teamwork and cooperation. As kids engage in this activity, they also learn how to interact with their playmates, recognize and regulate their emotions and behave appropriately which is helpful as they soon get exposed to a larger group setting or community.  

Thinking Skills

Pretend play promotes variety of problems to solve which encourages children to tap into their cognitive thinking skills. This also allows them to navigate through many scenarios and learn how to overcome tasks and difficulties with their playmates. Whether two children wanting to play the same role as a baker with our cute sweet baker set, or figuring out the next bead to use to complete the pattern of their beaded bracelet, children will use important thinking skills, and this will stay with them all the way through adulthood.

Physical development

Aside from these cognitive benefits, let us not forget that pretend play is very often physical which is excellent to stimulate children’s motor skills. Working with art materials like crayons, scissors, or getting involved in threading beads activity promotes fine motor skills & hand-and-eye coordination.

Let your children have a fun mix-and-match fashion play with trendy Adora doll outfits on their baby dolls.

Pretend play
fosters educational experiences that are essential for kids as they grow! When we let our imagination run, we realize that learning does not just stop in classrooms—learning is everywhere! Browse our pretend play set collection and bring home some fun & ADORAble wooden toys for your little ones!