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How To Make A Rainbow Paper Plate! 

It's time to get crafty! 🖍️✂️ For #NationalChildrensCraftDay, let's decorate your homes with this easy kid-friendly rainbow paper plate craft as we welcome spring & St. Patrick's Day! 🌈🍀 

What you will need: 🌈

Paper Plate
Coloring materials - crayons, paint, water color, etc.
Cotton balls
Scissors (careful, kids!)

Here's how to do it! 🌈

1. Prepare your paper plate and cut it in half. Please be careful using scissors!
2. Draw some rounded arch-like outline using a pencil. This will be your guide when you paint your rainbow.
3. Add your colors! Time to paint your rainbow with colors red, orange, yellow, green, & blue.
4.  There is no rainbow without clouds! With your cotton balls and glue, form your clouds on each end of your rainbow. 
5. You're done! Display your cutest rainbow anywhere you want it!

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