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Easy Creamsicle Recipe for Creamsicle Day! 

Nothing says summer without your favorite Creamsicle! 🌞 Did you know that Creamsicle was first called “Epsicle”? This delectable cold dessert was invented by an 11-year old boy Frank Epperson in 1905 while experimenting with his frozen fruit juice and vanilla ice cream! It was later then called “popsicle”, “dreamsicle”, and “creamsicle”. Today, you can find Creamsicle bursting with refreshing fruit flavors like orange, raspberry, lime, grapes, cherry, and many more, but homemade ones are our favorite—because LOVE makes everything a lot better! 💕

Creamsicle is so fun, easy & kid-friendly to do! You can definitely play around with many frozen fruits and get creative with your little ones in your kitchen. As we celebrate our favorite summertime treat today, try making this simple Creamsicle recipe with your family at home. Get your ADORAble little helpers ready with our Baking Pretend Play Set  and start making your homemade Creamsicle!  


Make your own Grape Creamsicle! 🍇

🍨 Ingredients

1. Grape juice 🍇 (or any juice you love!)
2. Vanilla Ice Cream
3. Sugar (for the sweet tooth!) 

🍨 Procedure

1. Mix your fruit juice and your vanilla ice cream together in a large bowl. If desired, gradually add in the sugar as you continue mixing. Stir well!

2. Carefully pour your creamy mixture into your popsicle molds, or small paper cups and put into the freezer. Once partially frozen, carefully push in popsicle sticks into them & place them back inside the freezer for 2 to 3 hours or until solidly frozen.

3. Once frozen, remove your creamsicle from the mold and enjoy!

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