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Easter Gift Guide for 3+

Boost your kid's Easter celebration with a basket filled with tasty treats, trinkets and interactive toys! 🐰 We've rounded up the best & ADORAble basket stuffers that you can get for your little one ages 3 and up.   

Play Easter games with Be Bright™ Tots & Friends!

Any game is more enjoyable with a friend to play it with! This 2-piece doll set includes an 8.5" mini baby doll with a cute removable clothing and a flocked Spirit Animal friend. It fits perfectly in an Easter basket for toddlers and kids!

Choose between Baby Bunny, Baby Shark, Baby Wolf, Baby Lion & Baby Bear... or take them all home!

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Grab our interactive Be Bright™ Purses for your Easter egg hunt! 

Easter has never been fun without the classic Easter egg hunt! Grab our Be Bright Purses to keep your eggs safe & secure while having fun. These cute animal-inspired purses have interactive, color-changing eyes that easily light up with a simple squeeze in the ear. 

Choose between Purse Bunny, Purse Shark, Purse Wolf, Purse Lion & Purse Bear... or take them all home!

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Hop & twirl with Baby Ballerinas!

Do the happy bunny dance 🐰with Adora Baby Ballerinas! These 13" baby dolls have soft & cuddly body and fresh baby powder scented vinyl limbs, made for the little ones to cuddle and love.  They wear a very cute ballerina ensemble. Inspire happy twirls with Adora's Baby Ballerinas! 

Choose between Clara, Juliet, and Aurora... or take them all home!

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Add color to your Easter with interactive Fairy Garden Friends!

Keep the Easter party going with Adora's interactive, color-changing Fairy Garden Friends! These interactive mini fashion dolls have sun-activated magical hair with removable floral dresses and matching sandals, guaranteed to bring more FUN to your outdoor Easter games! 

Choose between Bluebell, Rose, and Lavender... or take them all home!

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Light up the night with Adora Glow Jelly Plush!

Add a fun twist with Adora's interactive Glow Jelly Plush! These 6" glow-in-the-dark squishy toys are inspired by kid-favorite fruit snacks strawberry, grapes and blueberry. Add these yummy interactive toy treats intp your little one's Easter basket for a sweet surprise! 

Choose between Goofy Grape, Strawberry Blush, and Cheeky Blueberry... or take them all home!

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