Educational Benefits of Threading Beads – Adora icon


While our kids spend more time indoors, we aspire to find windows of opportunity to capture their attention and interest in educational activities. Threading Beads  is one FUN & excellent indoor activity for the little ones which allows them to explore their creative sides while at the same time, promote many skills that kids at their age are working to master.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills play an imperative role on your little one’s cognitive development and performing skills that use small muscles in the hand, fingers, and thumb such as writing and dressing. Beading promotes different grasps such as the “3-jaw chuck” grasp that is developed through holding larger beads, and pincer grasp through the smaller ones while refining small muscles of their hands.

This activity also helps in developing in-hand manipulation skills that requires kids to grasp, rotate & shift. This increases strength & coordination in the small hand and finger muscles which is essential to writing!

Visual Perception Skills

Beading encourages Visual Discrimination, Scanning, Visual Memory. It allows kids to ignite their creativity and determine which beads fit their desired craft all while scanning pool of many different beads!

Visual Motor Skills

Lacing beads promotes coordination of both hands and eyes! This is very necessary for functional tasks such as using scissors, pencils, and organizing their books.

Cognitive Skills 

This encourages kids to develop planning and problem-solving skills. Allow them to think which pattern or color they would want to follow, and how they would like to complete their task and produce a finished output. 

Math Skills

Introduce your kids to mathematical concepts as early as now to prepare them to a more complex type of math they will encounter at school. Help them with patterns, colors, and shapes. Let them determine how long they would want their necklace to be, or which color of beads they would want for their bracelets.  

Social Skills

Beading activity is quiet yet very engaging, and can also be very therapeutic, in a group setting. It ultimately encourages and develops sharing, cooperation, and communication. Invite your kid’s friends over for a snack time and have some fun thread & beads play!

Who says learning is hard? We have ADORAble Wooden Jewelry Kits that you may get to start your project at home! There are plenty of ways for our kids to learn and this bead threading is just one helpful activity for us moms to facilitate learning as we juggle many roles and wear more hats than ever.