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Keep kids entertained at home!

Adora is giving back to our community during these uncertain times.

As the world navigates the new normal of home-schooling, working from home (for those who can) & staying at home as much as possible, we at Adora knew we wanted to do something to help out our community.  

A few of our ADORAble employees & our Adora mascot took a few hours out of their day to safely drop off much needed masks at Mission Hospital in Mission Veijo, CA. While dropping off the masks, our employees and the hospital employees made sure to be wearing masks and gloves in order to keep themselves safe.
This is just a small token of our gratitude for all essential workers during this time. Adora would like to thank all the doctors, nurses grocery store employees & all other essential workers during this time. You are all rockstars & we can't thank you enough!

Along with all of the essential workers across the world, we'd like to give a shout-out to all parents who are now home-schooling their kids - we know being home all day with little ones can be hectic & stressful. If you need some ideas of how to keep them busy, check out our round up below!

1.) Teach your little ones about the body parts of their baby doll! Ask your little one to point out their eyes, belly button, lips, fingers & more! If you're looking for a new baby doll, we have some ADORAble ones!

2) Does your little one like to shop? If you can, set up a little pretend grocery store or clothing shop! Then your little one can go shopping and take her baby doll with her! Your little one can pick our some food or a new outfit for their baby doll!

3) Is your little one extra messy when they play? No need to fret since we have many baby dolls & plush toys that are 100% machine washable! While you're inside & staying at home, you can show your little one how to wash their favorite toy. They can pop it in the washing machine themselves & then lay it flat to dry! 

4) Is your little girl 13 going on 30? She'll love our Pretend Play Big Girl Purse! This 10-piece pretend makeup set has a lipstick, blush, cell phone & more - she'll never want to put it down! She'll love pretending to talk on the phone or putting endless blush on her mommy!