Healthy Eating Tips 

From Adora's New Year, New Healthy Habits series!

Establishing a good nutritional habit at home promotes healthy eating in the family, but getting these nutritional foods into our little ones’ tummies can be a tough time sometimes! Healthy food choices help sharpen their minds and maintain a healthy body, so it’s important to introduce & encourage our kids to healthier selections like fruits at an early age!  We're here to bring you tips and tricks to make this easier! 

Jan 26, 2023 

Healthy Habits Start Early

Do you have a little one that is a picky eater? Don't worry, you're far from alone! In fact, most children in the United States are not getting the proper fruit and veggie intake, and we know just how stressful this can be as parents. A balanced diet and nutritious food choices are essential in keeping your ADORAble little ones strong and healthy. 

Studies show that mixing FUN with food can help encourage healthier eating among children. That's why we've created plush friends in the shapes of fruits and veggies! Adora's Plush Avo & Cado and all of the Farm Fresh Fruit pals are here to help build these habits at an early age to help lead your little one into a healthier lifestyle as they grow. Check out Adora's Fruit-Inspired Plush today! 

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Veggies their way - Healthy Eating that the whole family will LOVE!

We know just how important it is to keep our families healthy, happy and full of nutritional foods, but many parents struggle to make healthy meals that the whole family can enjoy due to our little ones.  Here's a few tips to sneak veggies into meals that the whole family can enjoy! 

1. Blend them in a smoothie 🍌

Smoothies are one of the most common ways to disguise fruits and veggies for picky-eaters. Add yogurt to make them creamy, delicious and full of nutrition! 

2. Bake them into muffins 🧁

Zucchini and carrots can be a great addition to sneak into your favorite muffin mix to make a more balanced  breakfast. Use yummy ingredients like blueberries, raisins or chocolate chips and the vegetables can go undetected! 

3. Add them to meatballs 🍝 

Homemade meatballs and hamburgers can be a great way to serve veggies that your little one will  love. Finely chop  and mix them in for added flavor and your family might not even notice!

4. Mix them into pancake & waffle batter 🥞

Did you know that you can add veggies like sweet potato, carrot, or avocados to pancake and waffle mix for added moisture? Puree and combine for deliciously healthy breakfast!

5. Substitute pasta for veggie noodles 🥒

Sometimes, the look of the meal is enough to turn our toddlers away. Spaghetti squash as noodles, or cutting cucumbers up to look like noodles can be the perfect way to show  your little one just how yummy veggies can be! 

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