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Holiday Cheer at our ADORAble Office!

The holidays are in full swing at the Adora headquarters! While it's sunny and warm almost 365 days a year here in Southern California, we still love to decorate our office from head to toe for the holidays. From decorating the Christmas tree, making holiday cookies to listening to holiday music and hanging wreaths, the Adora office fully embraces all the holiday cheer this time of year! 

To celebrate the holidays, our Adora office has a beautiful Christmas tree for all to see, wreaths hung on office windows & yummy holiday treats brought in almost every single day! 

We have a holiday tradition called "Festive Fridays" that everyone in the office looks forward to each year. Every Friday in the month of December, we all eat a delicious breakfast together (the table decorated accordingly) followed by a holiday activity. Whether that's a holiday movie trivia game or exchanging Secret Santa presents, each Friday is so special during this time of year! 

While the holidays are fun and festive at our office, we know many people are not as fortunate. At Adora, we're always wanting to give back to the community. Each year, we "adopt" a family and a senior to help bring them some holiday joy. For our adopted senior, we brought her a Christmas tree and some gifts for herself. For our Adopted family, we all take turns wrapping up presents, including some Adora dolls & accessories for the children & some grown up gifts for the parents to open on Christmas Day. We strive to bring a smile to many peoples faces all year long with our fun toys but during the holiday season, we especially want to give back to those less fortunate.

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