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Holiday Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers under $25

Before you hang the stocking by the chimney with care, you need to think about how you're going to fill them! When it comes to stocking stuffers, every family has a different approach. Some parents fill up their Christmas stockings on Christmas eve, some on Christmas day. Some fill them with holiday themed candy or practical gifts like toothpaste.. but we thinking a small, ADORAble toy is the perfect addition to your little ones stocking, Each of these Adora gifts are small enough to fit in most stockings, and best of all, come with an affordable price tag! Everything in our Stocking Stuffers gift guide is under $25 so they're great for kids - and for your wallet. We've rounded up our favorite stocking stuffers any kid would love to find on December 25th. Happy shopping!

Sunshine Friends - Interactive Dolls ($24.99)

While it may be chilly outside for most people come Christmas morning, our Sunshine Friends - Interactive Dolls will brighten up any little ones day! This collection of plush dolls are interactive - their bathing suit changes color in the sun! The satisfaction of seeing the bathing suit change from white to purple when outside will keep your little one entertained for hours after all the presents have been unwrapped. 

Along with their bathing suit, Sunshine Friends come dressed in an ADORAble outfit with shoes, goggles, and a beach towel! Need another reason to add them to your little ones stocking stuffer? They're 100% machine washable so if your little one spills their Christmas morning hot cocoa all over her new doll, no problem! Pop it in the washing machine, lay flat to dry and voila - she's as good as new!

Don't just take our word for it. Myfourandmore blog included our Sunshine Friend Rae in her holiday gift guide for kids age 3-6!

Magic Feeding Set ($12.99)

Christmas morning is already a magical time for everyone.. but make it even more magical with this stocking stuffer! Our magic feeding set can be used with most baby dolls and comes with a magic plate, magic milk, bib, fork and spoon!

How is the set magical you ask?! Well, when water is added to the plate, food magically appears; strawberries, peas & carrots, and mac & cheese to be specific! Our magic bottle also brings some magic; when tilted to feed a baby doll, the milk "disappears". Your little one will be saying ABRACADABRA in no time when they find this ADORAble set in their stocking!

BathTime Baby Tots ($16.99)

Whether you open stockings before or after all the other presents, we know our BathTime Baby Tots will be a hit with your little one! These little dolls each come dressed in a swimsuit with an animal-themed robe over top. Whether they love frogs, kittens or even unicorns, we’ve got a BathTime baby tot for everyone. They’re ready for a day at the beach or bathtime before bed.

After all the presents have been opened, we know little ones may spend the day playing with their new toys.. and make even take them outside into the snow! Thankfully most of our toys are durable.. and machine washable so if their BathTime Baby gets dirty, simply pop in the laundry & lay flat to dry. With their exclusive QuickDri™ technology, they’ll be ready for more playtime in no time! 

No matter which ADORAble item you choose for your little ones stocking, we know they're going to love it.

Does your little one love pretend play and changing the diapers on their baby dolls? Our 3-piece diaper pack ($6.99) would be perfect for their stocking.

If your little one can't get enough dolls in their life, our Baby Tots ($18.99) are small enough to fit in their stocking but big enough to cuddle all morning long!

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Christmas is such a special time of year & stocking stuffers are just the icing on the cake! We hope you found something special in our Stocking Stuffers gift guide for your little one. Hanging stockings by the Christmas tree is just one tradition many families participate in. Comment below any unique traditions you & your family having during the holiday - we'd love to hear!