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Holiday Gift Guide For Little ones 1st Christmas - Adora dolls, Soft plush & more! 

Did 2019 bring a new bundle of joy for you our someone you know? Then it's time to celebrate with some ADORAble gifts. Make this first holiday season extra special for the little ones on your list who are celebrating their first Christmas. The holidays can be a stressful time for parents, especially picking out a gift for your little one, so we're here to help. These age-appropriate gifts will be sure to make them giggle with joy! Even though those celebrating their first holiday season may not remember this important milestone, we hope one of our ADORAble gifts will become their favorite toy & they continue to play with it for years. Whether it's one of our Adora dolls or plush babies, we hope your little ones continue to love these gifts for years to come. The best part about this list? Everything is under $30 so they're great for your wallet too. Happy shopping!

Baby Tot Starry Night ($18.99)

Our Baby Tots are some of our most popular Adora dolls! They're sweet & petite, perfect for little ones small hands to cuddle and play with. 

Our Baby Tots can also suck their thumb.. just like your little one! When it's time for bed, Baby Tot Starry Night can lay her head down in her crib! Our Baby Tots come in their very own crib, perfect for bedtime or nap time! 

The best thing about our Baby Tots is they, like the rest of our ADORAble toys, have the Adora difference. They are safety tested, BPA free, made with love AND 100% machine washable! This holiday season you can feel confident you're giving your little one not only an ADORAble gift but also a safe one.  

Don't just take out word for it! Myfourandmore included our Baby Tot Starry night in her stocking stuffer gift guide!

My 1st Baby Boy ($19.99)

Is your little baby boy celebrating their first holiday season? Then our My 1st Baby Boy is the gift for him! From the top of his newborn cap to the tip of his toes, your little guy will be snuggling this doll all Christmas morning. 
Worried about him spilling his hot cocoa on his new toy? Don't fret! Like many of our toys, our My 1st Baby Boy is 100% machine washable so after any spills or trips to the playground, you can machine wash them, lay flat to dry & he'll be good as new again! 

Do you have a little girl celebrating their first Christmas? Don't fret, our My 1st Baby Girl will be perfect for her. 

Funsie Onesie Baby Duck ($19.99)

Quack! Quack! Our Funsie Onesie Baby Duck is a cute, baby powdered scented, 11" baby doll!

Our Funsie Onesie babies all come dressed in ADORAble animal themed hooded onesies. If your little one likes to dress up their dolls in different outfits, they can with these as their outfits are removable!

We know little ones can cause a mess.. especially on Christmas morning. Well, don't worry because this doll is 100% machine washable! No matter the stain, just pop it in the washing machine, lay flat to dry and voila - it's as good as new. 

Well, what are you waiting for? We think it's about time to add this baby doll to your cart & wrap him up for the holidays

No matter which ADORAble gift you choose to give your little one, we know they'll adore it! 

 Our PlayTime Baby Llama Pajamas are 100% machine washable & comes with a little bottle!

Does your little one love BathTime? They'll love it even more with our BathTime Baby Tot Unicorn!

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Christmas is such a special time of year, especially when its their first Christmas. While they may not remember all the details this holiday season, we hope one of our special toys becomes their favorite for years to come! We hope you found something in our Little Ones First Christmas holiday gift guide for all the babies in your life. If you need any other gift ideas, like stocking stuffers, check out our Stocking Stuffers Under $25 gift guide!