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Everyone needs cleaning—and most likely, our kids’ favorite toys, too! Our kids love to hug, tow and carry their toys around everywhere they go. While these help our little ones shape essential values and skills, they may also be as harmful to them! Baby dolls, plush and bath toys can be ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria, so as moms, we make sure these ADORAble toys are clean and allergen-free, in a healthy environment for our kids to play at! We’ve laid down here the easiest yet EFFECTIVE ways to commence your toy-cleaning operation:

🧽   Allow your little ones to help on arranging bath for their toys!   Let them pop their machine washable toys into the tub while you set the gentlest cycle on the washing machine with a mild detergent. Avoid over-detergenting! Make sure that the water is at the normal temperature—just the right amount of hot and cold. Rinse with clean water and allow them to dry.

🧽 Make sure to read the label!   Some are not encouraged to be washed most especially if they contain electronic parts. You may use a clean damp cloth and wipe the surface instead.

🧽  Use a washer bag.   For the more fragile and older plush buddies, use 100% heavy cotton bags from Teddy Needs a Bath—a decade-old company trusted by top brands. This protects the toys from being snagged and torn as they are getting fully cleaned during machine wash. Best thing is, it also helps prevent the spread of germs and dust mites!

🧽 If these toys for kids are especially dingy and has stains, you may try using laundry boosters and disinfecting cleaners to help deodorize and disinfect toys.

🧽  Handwashing can be fun, too!   Allow your little ones to watch, or help, as their plush pals get cleaned. Use a gentle detergent or a dish soap and gently scrub their toys with a cleaning brush. Your little ones may start with their baby doll clothes. Make sure they are thoroughly rinsed to avoid soap residue!

Washing baby and toddler toys, and soft plush dolls also helps us introduce the virtue of cleanliness to our little ones at the very young age. This activity does not only encourage responsibility towards their toys but can also be an indoor activity for kids and mom that is definitely ADORABly fun & exciting!