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Learn the Importance of Sun Safety with Adora Sun Smart Babies 🌞

Mar 10, 2023

Before your kid head out of the door, make sure they are sun-protected! Children's skin is sensitive and burns easily, and too much sun exposure can even up their risk of skin cancer later on. By helping them learn habits like using sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and seeking shade, we can set them up for a lifetime of healthy choices. It's all about making sure they stay happy and healthy for years to come! 💗

Why Sun Safety Habits Are Important 

🌞  Sun care is a must to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation from the sun.
🌞  Getting too much sun, especially during childhood, can up your risk of developing skin cancer down the road.
🌞  Practicing sun safety habits from an early age can help avoid the immediate pain and discomfort of sunburns, dehydration, and heat exhaustion.  

Encourage Sun Protection Habits with Adora Sun Smart Babies!

1. Be a role model! 

Practice good sun safety habits yourself for your kids to follow. Let them see how you apply sun screen and proper protective clothing to keep your skin away from the harsh sun.  

2. Teach them about the importance of sun safety!

Kids are very visual. They learn with their eyes! Adora's color-changing Sun Smart Babies can help you teach them the importance of sun safety. These UV-activated dolls have sensitive skin that turns red when exposed to the harsh sun, but apply sunscreen on them and the redness will go away!

3. Make it fun by getting sun hats, sunglasses, and UV protective clothing that kids will love to wear. 👒🕶️

Who doesn't love mix-and-match wardrobe play? 😊Have them pick what they want to wear under sun! Even our Sun Smart Babies come with fun & colorful outfits!

4. Praise your kid for wearing protective clothing or using sunscreen.

Praising kids for doing something right is important because it reinforces positive behavior and encourages them to continue making good choices. Let them know when they exercise sun protection routine correctly!

5. Remind applying sunscreen every 2 hours

Sun screen is designed to absorb and deflect harmful UV rays from the sun, but it gradually breaks down and loses its effectiveness over time. So reapplying helps ensure that you're getting the full SPF protection that you need. Help incorporate by reminding them! 

6. Play with Adora Sun Smart Babies!

Our Sun Smart Babies are creatively designed not to only teach kids the importance of sun care, but also to ADD FUN ✨ to their sun protection routine. Check our Sun Smart Babies below.

Adora Sun Smart Babies!

Teaching your kids to be Sun Smart is vital for their lifelong health and happiness, and it’s important to teach these sun-safety habits early. But as we all know, kids are more likely to engage in healthy habits if they are fun or exciting! That’s why Adora created Sun Smart Babies.

Adora's Sun Smart Baby Dolls are designed to add some fun to your sun protection routine. 🧴 Carefully apply any SPF 30+ sunscreen (sold separately) and watch as your Sun Smart Color-Changing Doll is protected from the dangers of sunburn.

With Sun Smart Babies, kids learn:
✅that too much sun exposure causes sunburn
✅the importance of applying sunscreen, seeking shade, wearing protective clothing
✅sun protection can be fun and enjoyable!

Sun Smart Baby Rawrsome!

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