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Meet The New Amazing Girls!

Fall in love with our latest Amazon Exclusive: Amazing Girls! 🥰 From dressing and styling to brushing their shiny hair, they’ll provide hours of giggles and a lifetime of fun memories. It’s a whole world of imaginative play for your very own Amazing Girl!

🔹  18” vinyl doll with soft, huggable body and a chest plate for unlimited play
🔹  Head, arms, legs all move for multiple poses
🔹  Ready-to-style high quality rooted hair great for hours of play
🔹  Fun trendy changeable outfit that fits most 18” dolls
🔹  Eyes open and close
🔹  Ages 6 and up

Amazing Girl Cassidy 💕

Meet Amazing Girl Cassidy, our free-spirited amazing girl! She enjoys peaceful activities in her family’s desert home in Arizona, near her best friend Claire! She loves making super cute accessories together and she loves listening to country music at summer festivals. Before bed, she likes to lay out and watch the stars—if she’s lucky, she’ll even spot a shooting star go by. That’s when she knows her Amazing Girl dreams are coming true.

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Amazing Girl Sienna 💕

Meet Musical Girl Sienna! She’s thoughtful, independent, and very musical! She just loves cozying up with her Amazing Girl friends on a rainy day, singing along to their favorite tunes. She’s so talented she can even write her own songs on her acoustic guitar. Best-friend-for-life Sienna has the independent personality that young girls can relate and aspire to, encouraging a whole world of creative play—the kind of play that helps girls develop and grow.

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Amazing Girl Emily 💕

Amazing Girls – Exclusive! Meet Emily, the dragon queen! She’s adorable, creative, sweet, and imaginative. She always thinks outside the box and enjoys fashion dress up! She loves dragons because they’re magical and powerful and live with princesses in their castle! This sweet girl even created a beautiful dragon-themed garden in her yard for all the Amazing Girl friends to play in! Oh, how fun!

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Amazing Girl Dino Lucy 💕

Amazing Girls – Exclusive! Meet Amazing Girl Lucy, our animal-lover pal! She’s compassionate, kind and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Lucy loves being around all kinds of animals, from fluffy little bunnies to those awesome reptiles you see at the petting zoo. Lucy also loves all kinds of animals and has a very unusual pet – Alice the Alligator! Her ultimate dream is to work as a vet at the local zoo someday. She’s the type of girl that young girls can relate to and aspire to be.

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Amazing Girl Sophia Disco Diva 💕

Amazing Girls – Exclusive! Get ready to feel the beat with Sophia! Her Amazing Girl friends call her a Disco diva! She loves gliding across the skating rink to the sounds of her favorite music—there’s nothing more fun than that! Learning to skate was tricky to start, but she never gave up. Now, she can spin fast and even do splits! She loves every color of the rainbow and aims to sparkle as she skates!

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Be a Trendsetter With New Sets of Amazing Girls Fashion!

Fashion play is made to be this FUN with Adora's Amazon Exclusive Amazing Girls Fashion!

Make your unicorn dreams as magical in real life with this Amazing Girl Fashion Unicorn Sparkles Onesie.

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This doll fashion set includes a one-piece dress with a blue striped top and white polka dot patterned yellow overall skirt.

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It’s all giggles and fun when your doll wears these comfy pajamas to a slumber party with you! 

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