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Meet the Rebel Girls!

Come along on an exciting adventure with Adora's Rebel Girls! Together with Rebel Girls, we're thrilled to introduce four amazing dolls designed to ignite your imagination and remind you that dreams really can come true. Get ready for tons of fun and creativity with our special collection! ✨💕

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Dream Big Together! ☁

These 18-inch dolls celebrate real-life role models who empower little girls to reach for the stars and embrace confidence. Drawing inspiration from four extraordinary women—Wangari Maathai, Millo Castro Zaldarriaga, motocross champion Ashley Fiolek, and environmentalist Rachel Carson—our dolls are here to ignite your little one's imagination and encourage them to dream big, together!

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Get Access to Rebel Girls! ⭐

Discover the global empowerment brand helping raise the most inspired and confident generation of girls! Each Rebel Girls doll comes with a mini booklet featuring an exclusive QR code, granting you access to the cherished Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series! Be inspired by the real-life fairy-tales that have empowered millions of girls worldwide.

Stay Rebel with Rebel Girls!

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Rebel Girls Champion

Inspired by trailblazing Motocross Champion Ashley Fiolek, Champion is all set to defy expectations and challenge barriers! Dressed in a "STAY REBEL" printed white t-shirt, a stylish pink and black faux leather jacket, faux leather pink boots, and denim pants, this 18-inch doll embodies the spirit of fearlessness.

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Rebel Girls Creator

Just like the Cuban drummer girl Millo Castro Zaldarriaga, this doll can rock to her own beat! Stylish and edgy, she wears a dazzling dress with a bold “GIRLS CAN DRUM” graphic print. Her light blue platform boots give this 18-inch doll the perfect flair for her drumming adventures, and a detailed blue drum set and black sticks, allowing her to showcase her musical talent.

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Rebel Girls Leader

She's inspired by Wangari Maathai, an environmentalist leader and Nobel laureate. She wears a vibrant pink and yellow patterned blouse paired with matching pants. Her ensemble is completed with a hairband, a Rebel Girls printed tote bag, and cool pink sandals, making her ready for any adventure. This Rebel Girl is not just about looking good; she’s also about caring for the environment and encouraging kids to be themselves and do good things!

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Rebel Girls Innovator

The Earth is calling for a rebel girl like Innovator! Inspired by environmentalist Rachel Carson, she reminds us to take care of our planet and make good things happen. She wears a shirt that says "Earth Needs Rebel Girls" proudly, showing she cares about the environment and being creative. She looks stylish in a light green vest, dark green skirt, cozy socks, and cool boots. She's all about looking good while caring for the Earth!

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