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Let’s celebrate in colors red, white, & blue! 

Today is the day of remembering, and we honor all the sacrifices our heroes in uniforms have made for our dearest nation. Memorial Day is another special occasion we celebrate together and it’s a perfect time to kickstart teaching our kids the true meaning of this day! 

More than summer camps, barbeques, and family beach trips, engage your little ones in ADORABly fun & exciting activities such as creating American flag (be careful with the scissor!), making ice pop flags, or frosting a homemade cake in red, white, & blue (Don't forget to kit out your little bakers with our Sweet Baker Play Set!). Or your little ones might be more interested in a mix-&-match fashion play with her baby dolls—allow your kids to dress up their favorite dolls in flowers and memorial-themed outfits!

There are plenty of fun indoor activities that parents can lead on at home to incorporate learning on this special day.

To show our gratitude on this day, we have a special ToddlerTime treats for you!

More giggles & fun from your little ones this Memorial celebration! Grab one ADORAble ToddlerTime doll, and get another one for  50% off all throughout the rest of the week*!

Our  ToddlerTime Dolls are crafted from our exclusive CuddleMe Vinyl that are soft to touch & carefully Made for Play for the little hands! Each doll arrives in chic & trendy premium quality outfits, so let your little ones enjoy a perfect doll that will last a lifetime.
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