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On National Teacher Appreciation Day, we commend all the amazing moms out there who’ve had to pivot their daily routines, turn their dining rooms into classrooms (and co-working spaces), and become homeschool teachers practically overnight! To all the mothers who’ve had to adapt and evolve really quickly, get creative and resourceful, work out new schedules, keep their kids entertained and balanced, all while re-learning their fractions and periodic tables and continuing to work from home, we applaud you and support you. You’ve got this, Mom!

Our Adora team also consists of mothers with young children, and we too are navigating new ground with finding the right balance between working from home and managing our kids’ work checklists and Zoom meetings, alongside our own. While we’re still finding our groove, we do have some tips to share that we’ve learned along the way over the past six weeks! 

1) Create a Routine

During these times when there’s been so much change, kids can find security in a consistent schedule. Our Director of Marketing, Kate (mom of two kids aged 9 and 6), says, “I literally plan out the day on a whiteboard with activities, including outdoor time, free play and projects that interest then. Even snack time is on the agenda. Also, Audiobooks for quiet time, and I’ve relaxed the screen time rules. No guilt for putting on a movie when I need quiet time myself!” Our Graphic Designer, Jasmin (mom of two boys aged 9 and 5) adds, “We also start the day writing our schedule on a white board, and I always let my kids know that they’re doing a good job.” 

2) Spend Time Outside and Get The Community Involved!

Our Head of Customer Service, Rocio (mom of 2 kids aged 5 and 3),  gets her kids outside as much as possible to get their energy out! She also lives in a community that organizes fun scavenger hunts in her area. “Every day has a new theme. We did shamrocks on windows for St. Patrick’s Day, then we did ‘find a teddy bear in the window’, then sidewalk chalk positive quotes. It makes the kids excited!” Kate agrees with the essential outdoor time as she says “As soon as (her son, Archie) starts getting fidgety, we get the skateboard or scooter out and take the kids for a walk around the block. If I’m working, I’ll send him out to the garden with his pogo stick and play basketball.” 

3) Make Sure To Schedule in ‘Me Time”

Moms need to remember to take care of themselves, because after all, a happy mom is a happy home! You can’t give anything to anyone when you’re running on empty. As Marketing Manager Divya (mom of 3 kids aged 10, 9 and 5) says “With our endless rotation of Zoom meetings, making sure that everyone completes their assignments, not to mention handling my own work, it can be very easy to forget to give myself time to recharge. I’ve been really focusing on making sure to take some time out for myself, which means starting off my mornings with meditation and squeezing in some yoga or solo walks when I can. This really grounds me and energizes me to check off everything in my list”.   

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with our community of moms? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to comment below. 

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