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Introduce little ones to the power of making eco-friendly choices right from the start, beginning with the toys they play with! ♻️🌍💚 It's playtime and learning time, while making a positive impact on our planet with Adora Eco-Friends trio! ❤️

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👶 Meet the Eco-Friends Trio! 

Our mini Eco Friends dolls are not just cute—they're mini-licious! There's a light-skinned, blue-eyed cutie in a pink bunny outfit with a sweet wagon. Then we've got a medium-skin, brown-eyed doll in a brown bear getup with a feeding seat. Last but not least, an African American, brown-eyed doll rocking a purple kitty vibe on a tricycle. They even come with beanie with ears, and mini diapers for extra cuteness!

🎨 Tiny Details, Big Fun

These dolls hand-painted with love. 💗 They have slightly open mouths perfect for thumb-sucking. Let your kiddos explore and nurture their caring instincts with these little buddies.

♻️ Packaging doubles as a playboard!

Their packaging is also bio-degradable and can be reused for play!

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🌈 Time to play! 

Adora Eco-Friends make a perfect choice for kids who love all things mini! This 5-inch mini doll play set is safety-tested & crafted for kids ages 3 and up. So, are you and your kiddo ready to take playtime to the next level? Grab the Adora Eco-Friends Mini Baby Doll Set and let the good times roll. Let the eco-adventure begin!

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