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PLAY it Forward! 

On Saturday, August 14, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Southern Haiti causing a large humanitarian impact. When Adora learned of the disaster and that we had friends that would be traveling to volunteer, we offered a donation of our baby dolls to children in Plaisance, Haiti to help spread joy though play. Our friends traveled with a group called Team Haiti to volunteer with Mission of Grace and Foundation Guillaume. Dr. Guillaume raised his family in Plaisance, Haiti, and has been helping the people since 1957. At 86 years old, his wife is still there and loves to cook homemade meals for volunteers. Dr. Guillaume's son now runs Foundation Guillaume while his daughter runs Mission of Grace in Carries, Haiti. The family is hands on and always in the field with the teams of volunteers and truly cares for their people. 

A message from our friends currently volunteering in Haiti! 

"Hope this finds you well! I'm finally in Haiti. We spent the day yesterday visiting homes that were devastated by the earthquake on August 14th. We visited homes to see what we might be able to do to help with their shelter. I gave out some dolls. The little girls LOVED them! We had one little girl that had NEVER seen a doll, let alone touched one. I caught a group of the girls playing under a tree today with their babies. SO cute! Thank you again for your generosity! Hope to see you soon!"