Valentines Gifts Under $30 for Your Little Loved Ones

Looking for the perfect Valentines gift for your little loved ones for $30 or less? We've got you covered! From ADORAble plushies to sweet & cuddly baby dolls, we've rounded up some perfect and budget-friendly gifts that your kids and teens would love! 💗

Adora Fairy Garden Friends

Adora Fairy Garden Friends - $12.99

🌞 Their hair CHANGES COLOR in the sun!

Inspire young kids to appreciate flowers and plants with our interactive 4-piece fashion doll set. Take them to the sun and their magical hair will CHANGE COLOR! They are 6" in size with movable head and legs. There is Bluebell, Lavender, and Rose. Each comes with a beautiful flower ensemble and ADORAble personality. Collect all three! Ages 3 and up.

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Adora Glow Jelly Plush - $12.99

💡 Their bodies glow in the dark!

It’s time to glow with our interactive glow-in-the-dark squishy toys Jelly Plush Collection! Get ready for fun sensory experience with make your little one giggle in delight with its ultra-squishy soft purple body that glows in the dark! Take home Jelly Plush Strawberry Blush, Goofy Grape, and Cheeky Blueberry for an ultimate glowing fun play! Ages 3 and up.

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Adora Glow Jelly Plush
Adora Farm Fresh Plush

Adora Farm Fresh Plush - $12.99

🥑 With fresh fruit scent!

Squeezable & huggable, Adora Farm Fresh Plush are the cutest fruit plush toy set with removable fruit pits. Your little ones will have an interactive, fun playtime with this fruit plush while inspiring learning & imagination! Available in 3 kinds: Peach Pit, Avo & Cado, Cherry Picker. Ages 1 and up.

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Adora Be Bright Purse - $9.99

🌈 Their eyes light up in changing colors!

Be always in style with Adora Be Bright Purses! Inspired by the spirit animals of Adora's 14" Be Bright Dolls, these purses will set the trend with their MAGICAL feature: squeeze their ears & their eyes will LIGHT UP in changing colors! There is Lion, Bear, Wolf, Shark, & Bunny - collect all 5! Ages 3 and up.

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Adora Be Bright Purses for Little Girls - Interactive Light Up Toys
Adora Be Bright Plush

Adora Be Bright Plush - $14.99

The perfect animal plush for little cuddlers, our Be Bright Plush will bring extra fun to your bedtime and relaxation. Inspired by ADORAble spirit animals of our Be Bright Doll Collection, these stuffed animals are unique with their lovely personalities and inspiring hashtags. Enjoy them all: there is Lion, Bear, Wolf, Shark, & Bunny! Ages 1 and up.

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Adora Snuggle and Glow Pillows - $18.99

💡 Their body patterns glow in the dark!

Everyone LOVES a soft & gentle pal! Adora's Snuggle & Glow Pillows are 16" animal-inspired Glow-in-the-dark cuddly pillows perfect kids, toddlers, and kids at heart! Made from high-quality materials & fabrics, they make a perfect cuddle friend for hours of fun & relaxation. There is Sloth, Unicorn, Dino, and Llama - collect all four! Ages 1 and up.

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Amazon Exclusives: Sweet Babies

Adora's Amazon Exclusive: Sweet Babies are the perfect 1st baby dolls for your little ones! 💗

The perfect petite baby dolls for little ones to hold, play with and love! These cute mini babies are 11 inches head to toe with a soft and cuddly body and fresh baby powder scented vinyl. Their sweet ADORAble faces will have you falling in love! 100% Machine Washable. Child approved!

Adora's Sweet Babies baby can suck their thumb, comes with Adora baby bottle and an ADORAble box made to look like a crib so they have the perfect sized bed for naps and bedtime!

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