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Picky Eater? How to Encourage Your Kids to Eat New Fruits!

Establishing a good nutritional habit at home promotes healthy eating in the family, but getting these nutritional foods into our little ones’ tummies can be a tough time sometimes! Healthy food choices help sharpen their minds, maintain a healthy body, so it’s important to introduce & encourage our kids to healthier selections like fruits at an early age!  

Fruits have loads of fun!  Encourage fruits to your picky eaters in creative ways

🍓 Teach them the benefits.
Children are highly inquisitive. If they do not know the reason why they need to eat their pears and berries, they will less likely adopt these healthy choices to their plates. Explain to them the benefits of having a healthy diet and allow them to recognize that they need it!

Initiate pretend play with our fruit-lover baby doll Adora ToddlerTime Doll Organic Foodie. She wears a multi-colored fruit printed yellow dress and she can’t wait for playtime with your little one. The more your kids see others enjoying their fruits, the more they get encouraged to do so!  

🍇 Make healthy snacks available
Establish a ‘healthy snack time’ with your family and keep a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table for a quick, easy snack. Lead by example by showing you eat & enjoy your fruits, too! 

How To Encourage Kids to Eat Fruits - Adora

🍌 Healthy frozen treats!
There is nothing more refreshing than frozen treats on a hot day. Freeze grapes (don't forget to cut them up for little ones!) or build a fun kitchen activity by letting kids help make fruit popsicles, or chocolate-dipped frozen bananas. Yum!

🍐 Be a smart mom
 Certain fruits may not be appealing to your kids, or they may just be hard to eat! You can sneak these healthy fruits into the blender and add milk or yogurt and ta-dah! You have a smoothie for snack time!  

You may also squeeze bunch of lemons and create a healthy juice for kids!

🍉 Make it more appealing!
Turn their fruits into fun & ADORAble shapes using cookie cutters. Who wouldn’t get excited with heart-shaped apples or watermelon stars? The trick is by making it more exciting each day.

🍒 Go fruit-shopping
Take your kids to farmer’s market. Kids naturally love adventures and trying out exciting things, so by letting them participate and allowing them to choose which fruits to bring home are likely to encourage them eat their fruits happily.

Visiting your local market is fun! Inspire imagination and incorporate basic math concepts into this exciting activity with our Adora Amazing World Farmer’s Market Play Set which includes fruits & paper money. Your little one will enjoy imaginative pretend play while their Adora Amazing Girls goes to market! 

🍑 Familiarity Principle
Familiarize them with fruits by showing healthy choices anywhere anytime, even during playtime—it's mere-exposure effect! The more they see it, the more they get encouraged to liking it.

Let your kids stroll their baby dolls around with Adora Sunny Days Snack N Go Stroller which reveals healthy yummy treats in the food tray when wet! 

How To Encourage Kids to Eat Fruits - Adora

🍏 🍎🍏

Learning starts at home. Introducing them to nutritional food habits this early can lead to healthier choices all throughout adulthood. There are more ways on how you can encourage your toddlers to eat their healthy foods. Be creative!