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10 Ways to Help Planet Earth

When we say environment, it means everything that makes up our surroundings: the air we breathe, green bushes and trees, animals, and bugs, and all the water bodies & coral reefs. Nature is home to everybody & a vast playground for wildlife, and it is our responsibility to take care of it. Our smart & perky Be Bright doll Alma is here to inspire all of us to #BeSmart and remind us to be mindful of our actions so we can help create a better, brighter world for all to live in! And we, at Adora, are taking our own #BeSmart green measure by redesigning our packaging & reducing use of plastics for eco-friendlier hours of playtime fun! 

Our Amazon Exclusive Amazing Girl Lucy keeps a tender heart to all kinds of animals—big or small, tamed and also those that are free to roam! Her ultimate dream is to be a vet and provide a special care in the zoo.

She hopes to encourage all the little kids to help preserve our environment & take eco-friendly steps so the world can be a better place not just for the animals, but also for us who share shelter in it. 

Here are 10 simple ways to help protect our planet:

1. Introduce gardening
Teach your kids early by involving them to planting and composing! 

Use reusable bags
Plastic bags are bad for the environment just like the rest of any plastic materials. They take too long to decompose, and worse, our animals might get hold of them and mistake them for food!

Avoid using plastic straws
If you think you really need one, try to consider investing in stainless steel straw instead. It’s washable and reusable, you can carry it around wherever you go.

Conserve water 
Avoid water waste by turning the tap off when brushing your teeth or taking shorter showers.

Save energy 
Switch off the lights and unplug chargers & appliances when not in use, or stick some glow-in-the-dark stickers for playful slumber entertainment

Encourage mindful healthy activities 
Fun & safe outdoor play, or indoor activities with ADORAble wooden toys can help reduce too much screen time for the kids!

7. Avoid disposables
Start using reusable containers when packing lunch or bringing water with you.

8. Bike, walk, or take carpools
The smoke that car emits is very harmful to the environment. You may walk, or bike if your errand is close by, or arrange carpools with family or friends so you can help reduce harmful smoke and get your exercise for a day at one fell swoop!

Support brands with sustainable packaging
Be an active advocate by supporting brands that are adopting more sustainable behaviors which can help reduce waste to the environment.

#BeSmart & Spread the word
Help other people understand and inspire them to take smart actions for our planet. Involve your kids to worksheets available online such as Adora’s I Love Earth printable worksheet, and many more from; entertain them with educational videos from and help them ignite their own #BeSmart character just like our  Be Bright Alma!

Green actions to a greener world!

Our small simple ways could be a drop in the bucket, but if everyone starts doing the same, our drops could fill in a bucket!