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What Moms Think of our Sweet Baby Dolls!

Playing with baby dolls allows children the opportunity to practice their social skills as well as their fine motor skills and the earlier we can do this, the better. That's why Adora has got you covered on petite baby dolls for small hands to play with and LOVE! Our Amazon Exclusive Sweet Baby dolls are 11 inches head to toe with a SOFT and cuddly body that smells just like FRESH baby powder! These ADORAble baby dolls are accessorized with a baby bottle, can suck their thumb and even come with a crib shaped box for when it's time to put your Sweet Baby to bed. They're also 100% Machine Washable, making them kid approved and mom approved! Read more to find out why mom's LOVE Adora's Sweet Babies for their little ones! 

Sweet Baby Boy Dinosaur

"Perfect size for a toddler!"

"My son loves his baby doll and always wants to feed him with the included bottle or one of his fake kitchen supplies. The problem I had with other dolls was they were just too heavy and big for him to carry around. This doll is perfect for my 18 month old to proportionately carry in one arm! I also love the fact that it is machine washable! I just put it in a garment bag or pillow case tied off to keep it from scuffing against the washer."

- The LaBrecs  

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Sweet Baby Boy Peanut

"My son’s favorite toy!"

"My 2-year-old niece really enjoys this baby doll, and I think she'll enjoy it even more as she gets older. When she opened the box, she immediately started to 'feed' the baby using the bottle and did so every few minutes that day. It's been her favorite baby doll for several weeks even though she has several other dolls that cry, etc. It's a good thing that this doll is washable since it's also been feed real food, been dunked in a fountain (and dried out fine), and basically has been taken everywhere."

- Debbie

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Sweet Baby Banana

"Absolutely Adorable!!!"

"This is a perfect little doll for a toddler. I actually have twins, but only one has shown interest in helping feed his cousin's baby doll when we go to visit. Well apparently the other twin now wants to "help". LOL The doll came in the cutest simple little package and even smelled a little like a new baby. Crazy I know...but it's true. I'm about to place another order for another one. I had so many dolls growing up and I promise you this one is great buy. Simple, cute, and won't break the bank for something they'll probably only play with temporarily. And major kudos to the Adora Company for advertising using little boys too. That representation is so needed."

- Brittany Jay

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