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YOU helped us Play it Forward to children in need

YOU helped us Play it Forward to children in need

 Thanks to YOU! Christmas in July was a Huge Success!


Thanks to YOU, we were able to Play it Forward and bring dolls and toys to children in need for our 2nd Annual Christmas in July Event!


For every doll purchased during the entire month of June, we pledged to donate a doll to a child in need. Not only was this Buy 1, Give 1 campaign a success, we were able to donate hundreds of dolls and toys to the Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) in Los Angeles. So again, THANK YOU. We couldn't have done it without our Adora Family. 



We met with a longtime friend, Amber, who navigated us through the hospital to different playrooms and patient rooms. Not only was it heartwarming to bring joy and cheer to these children but to encourage them to continue fighting and live their life as fully and loving as possible. Most of the children we visited are regular visitors to this hospital with serious conditions that either need constant supervision or regular check-ups and procedures.


"Play it Forward" is an important phrase for us, because we feel it is our social responsibility and part of our culture to go out and do some good in our communities through charities, donations, volunteer work and actions of love and care. This sense of purpose is passionately demonstrated in our actions by regularly visiting Children's Hospitals, donating toys to Fire Station Drop Offs, participating in Military Family Events, donating to children around the world and remote villages, "Adopting a Family" for the holidays and much, much, more. It is our responsibility to do our part to help create a healthy and nurturing future for all. 


So again, THANK YOU for helping us Play it Forward! 


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