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Doll-a-Day Giveaway 2022 Winners

Congratulations to all of our winners!!
Winners, please email to claim your prize. Prizes will begin shipping after  the Doll-a-Day Giveaway ends September 30th, 2022.
Day 1
Ann Boyd from Cornelius, Illinois
Day 2
Sylvia Svihel from  Belle Plaine, US
Day 3
 Dale Schrieber from  Mission Viejo, US
Day 4
Tim Cheever from Lincoln, USA
Day 5
Jennifer Muise from Gloucester, Massachusetts, US
Day 6
Sasha Alvey from Crystal Lake, US
Day 7
Gail Yarbrough from Longview, US
Day 8
Madalyn Drago from Pacifica, US
Day 9
Garry Jiles from Carrollton, US
Day 10
Donna Davis from  Stephens, Arkansas
DAY 11
Kim Nye from Toledo, Ohio
Winners chosen at random. Account registration information used to validate all winners.

*All prizes must be claimed within 30 days of notification.
Collection Cover (2).jpg__PID:55a41a87-1f2d-4d25-8207-7181840a10e1

Adora Sun Smart Babies

Teach Sun Safety with UV-Activated Dolls that really SUNBURN - just like us!

Adora's Sun Smart Babies are ready for outdoor fun, but be careful – play outside without sunscreen, and their doll skin turns red, just like ours! Apply any SPF 30+ sunscreen and watch as your Sun Smart Color-Changing Doll is protected from the dangers of sunburn!

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Collection Cover.jpg__PID:ad25c207-7181-440a-90e1-07f4e146b65e

Adora Cuddle Monsters

Calm your littles with NEW fidget-Loaded Sensory Plush!

Adora's New Cuddle Monsters are ultimate sensory soothers with a fluffy, cuddly twist! Made with ultra-soft faux fur, built-in fidget toys and a 1 lb. weighted body, these adorable plushies are made for filtering out any extra sensory information to soothe our little ones and keep them calm. 

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Amazing Girls

12" Fashion Dolls

Collect & fall in love with all Adora’s Amazing Girls!  Provide hours of giggles and a lifetime of fun memories. It's a whole world of imaginative play for your very own amazing girl! Ages 6+

Shop Amazing Girls on Amazon

Adora Sweet Babies

11" Baby Powder-scented Baby Dolls

The perfect petite baby dolls to cuddle & play! Arrives with Adora baby bottle and removable outfits. 100& Machine washable, and mom & kid-approved! Age 1+

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