We create Adora Toys that elevate spirits and enrich lives. With boundless imagination, we bring artistic treasures into homes around the world.


Be the leader in designing and marketing timeless creative products which enhance the quality of people’s lives.

We know our customer and always look for opportunities to exceed their expectations.

Continue to improve as a company and as individuals.

Have a fun, high energy, and rewarding workplace where every employee is inspired to succeed, recognized for their accomplishments, and respected for their commitment to their fellow employees and to the mission of our company.

Contribute to our community locally and strive to be responsible citizens globally.

Be financially prudent with our resources.


  • Creativity – Imagine, innovate, inspire.
  • Excellence – Rise to every challenge and exceed expectations.
  • Teamwork – A commitment to excel as a group through communication and collaboration.
  • Integrity – Honor the truth and act ethically in every business situation and personal interaction.
  • Enthusiasm – Agree to approach every challenge with a positive attitude.