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Another Happy Collector

Another Happy Collector

First off I have to say how beautiful you are and talented too!! I have enjoyed your music, and your family's and saw you live in Tecumseh, Ont, Canada at the Tecumseh Corn Festival about ten years ago could be more, hee,hee, but we won't say. Anyways, I received my first Marie Osmond doll today. I have been waiting a long time for one and she is like you said on QVC," gorgeous'. She is number 0402 out of a thousand.That chubby little face even impressed my husband and the porcelain is like silk. She is sitting up top on my fireplace mantel for now and is the focal point when you walk into my living room. I love everything about her, right down to the markings on her arms and legs and those cute chubby feet. I do have other dolls, but haven't bought any in 16 years, because I couldn't find one I liked until I tuned into TSC in Canada. I had to pay more for this one because I bought it at QVC and the s&h and money difference, because at the time on TSC, my hubby said you better not buy any, so I didn't and the next morning he said, Okay how many did you buy, and when I looked saddly at him and said none, he actually looked sad for me and said I could order one.


Well now he said I could order two for Christmas, so I am waiting in excitement for baby Steiner, and Baby Googlie!! If they are are beautiful as this baby Vivian, I am sure to be ordering more. Oh, and my mom got me start you up for Christmas and two sets of the baby tots, that are adorable including the tot Hershey's and Krackle. I live in pain everyday and on days when the pain is worse, just looking at my dolls perks me up some.Thanks again for being you, I just love your whit and charm and your as crazy as me about your dolls and I love that about you, cause everyone here including my daughters, just don't get Marie. Maybe one day I will be able to come see you at the Flamingo to see your show, for you to sign one of my dolls. May God continue to watch over you and your family. God Bless You.


Lots of Love,


Nancy M.

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