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Dolls for All Occasions

Dolls for All Occasions

Did you know that decorating with dolls can be that "extra" added touch needed to complete any themes' event, season, or occassion? We received the following images and emails and just had to share!

The first email comes from Liana G. of Provo Utah. Liana writes:

Hi Marie,

I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, and we had a big party at our house. We also renewed our vows at this party. We had a Halloween type theme to the party. This picture is our guest book table. Do you see the 2 Marie Osmond dolls there? Our colors were purple and black, so these 2 dolls fit right in! TOOOOO CUTE! Thanks for all you do to entertain us, and congrats on your weight loss and your 50th birthday!


  25th wedding anniv 047  

Our second email comes from Beary Unique Bears & Gifts! Rose was kind enough to forward an email she received from her customer, Donna O. Donna writes: Hi Rose, We were so glad to receive our Adora Spell Belle doll today. We have been looking forward to having her as part of our Halloween decorations.



Attached is a picture of the mantel arrangement that my daughter and twin 13 year old granddaughters made with her here in Huntsville. I am not sure if you can see the broom tied in her hand. That is a part of a Build-A-Bear witch outfit that the girls have. It looks perfect with the doll - even has a purple bow tied on it. (Marie should have included that with the doll..LOL) The second picture is of my granddaughter in Birmingham after she opened her doll today. Thanks for getting the dolls to us.



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Adora offers a wide selection of ADORAble play dolls in trendy and playful outfits! Take a look at our ToddlerTime Little Monster fashioned in her cutest little monster outfit... or our lovely ToddlerTime Kitty Kat in her kitty ensemble that screams MEOWToddlerTime Unicorn Rainbow will surely capture everyone's eyes in her magical unicorn outfit. Sprinkle your place with playful colors brought by our SplashTime babies that come with their own blow-up floaties if you are thinking of a summer-themed party. 


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