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Our New HANDSOME Baby Boy Doll is here! -

Boy, oh BOY! This cutie sure is HANDSOME.

Boy, oh BOY! This cutie sure is HANDSOME.
Adora Adoption Baby Handsome

We've been waiting for the big gender reveal and... IT'S A BOY! We are so excited to announce the arrival of Adoption Baby Handsome! This little cutie will join Adoption Baby Hope, Cherish, Precious and Joy - and is ready to be adopted today by you! 

As we not only continue to acknowledge that boys can play with dolls too, we love being able to bring joy, happiness and fun to girls AND boys! Playing with dolls has many benefits that include teaching kiddos how to nurture, care and pretend. We wanted to take it one step further and have a collection that gives the full experience of what it's like to bring a baby home and be part of the family. 

Adora Adoption Baby Handsome Adora Adoption Baby Handsome

Our Adoption Babies are sweet, cute, cuddly and come with all of the accessories needed to properly care for your new baby. Little ones will be able to "adopt" their baby (which comes with an ADORAbly cute hospital bracelet. It's all in the details!), name their baby using the Certificate of Adoption, and even bring them home swaddled in a soft micro-fiber blanket. 

While we encourage little mommies and daddies in training to bring home this ADORAble Adoption Baby or one of our other Boy Dolls that we offer. Then make it a gift by accompanying your new baby doll with a gender neutral Zig Zag PlayDate Accessory

We are so thrilled to add this little guy to the Adora line and the Adoption Baby Collection, and can't wait for you to experience his love and affection as well! This blue-eyed cutie will have you falling in love in no time. 



Here's a Closer Look:

Adoption Baby Handsome - $49.99 - Ages 3 and up

Adoption Baby Handsome is 16” head to toe with a soft and cuddly body, fresh baby powder scented with ¾ vinyl arms and legs. His weighted cloth body is complete with a diaper for realistic play to develop social skills while engaging in nurturing, pretend play. Adoption Baby Handsome has blue open/close eyes, fair skin tone and comes with a certificate of adoption, pacifier, hospital bracelet, disposable diaper and is swaddled in a cuddly soft microfiber blanket. He also comes in his very own crib, so he already has the perfect sized bed for naps and bedtime! Your little one will build a special bond with their Adoption Baby as they experience what it’s like to bring a baby home. Little parents in training can name their baby and start their very own baby doll family while learning to nurture and engage in pretend play. Adora Adoption Babies have the Adora Difference! Safety Tested, BPA Free, Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, Award Winning and Made with Love. For children ages 3 and up. 


Adoption Baby Handsome Adoption Baby Handsome



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