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Calling All Young Designers: Adora’s “Designed by Kids FOR Kids” is looking for YOU!

Calling All Young Designers: Adora’s “Designed by Kids FOR Kids” is looking for YOU!

Adora is “Spreading Love and Joy”! Our new campaign, Designed by Kids FOR Kids,  is a program we developed that sprung from our belief that kids are incredibly creative, intelligent and are full of bright ideas! It’s our way of providing a vehicle for children to be inventive, design something they’re proud of and above all, have a great time doing it as they work with our design team to create an outfit for our 18” Adora® Friends dolls!  In addition, it encourages kids to develop their creative potential while giving back to their community.

The chosen “Young Designer” will be able to select the charity of their choice to receive a financial donation from Adora Dolls on their behalf.  We’ll feature the winning Fashion outfit on Adora.com and the wholesale catalog with a spotlight light on the Young Designer along with their charity!


Meet our First Young Designer, Kayla!


  We launched Designed by Kids FOR Kids this year with our chosen Young Designer Kayla, a vibrant young girl from California who’s got an eye for fashion at the very young age of 8! Kayla is one busy 3rd grader with a schedule that includes dancing, modeling, ballet, playing the guitar and even acting. We are luck she could pencil us in!  As she became more familiar with the dolls Kayla started “suggesting” designs she and her friends would like to play with.


Blog Photo

 Kayla prepared creative boards chalked full of clothes, accessories and prints that she loved. She had several outfits that she put together from photos she’d cut out of magazines.


Blog Photo 2

 Kayla and our designer, Diana Avellan, brainstormed ideas together about a few different possibilities for what the outfit could be! Would it be dressy or casual? Girly or sporty? Would it include accessories like a purse or jewelry? They narrowed their ideas down to few looks and finalized the prints and patterns together.


Blog photo 3 

The Final Outfit

The outfit Kayla created is so reflective of her personality, fun and bright! This Special Edition outfit features a panda themed fleece hooded sweater complete with ears and pink heart on the pocket. A pink knit top with a panda graphic plays in perfect contrast with black and white striped leggings that complement the pattern on the sleeves of the sweater.



(Kayla pictured with her Panda Outfit)

See How You Can Enter our 2014 Call for Submissions HERE!


Just another way we’re Spreading Love and Joy one doll at a time!

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