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Do You Agree that Dolls are for BOYS, too? -

Dolls are for BOYS too!

Dolls are for BOYS too!

Dolls are for Boys too!


First, let's break that stereotype that dolls are just for girls. As toy makers, we want to empower kids, especially boys who think dolls are exclusively for girls. There are plenty of boys that love playing with baby dolls, boy dolls and soft dolls! Not only is it ADORAble, but we encourage it! 


As we see more female protagonists in movies, more women pursuing careers and even movements to empower and encourage girls to get involved with STEM, we also think it's important to do the same with boys. Playing with dolls have many benefits from building communication skills, teaching empathy and how it might feel to be in someone else's shoes, nurturing and caring for others to building their imagination and pretend play skills. These are all things that girls AND boys can benefit from and can carry through their whole life until adulthood. So, we are so proud to see strides in this and start seeing a world where it's becoming the norm to see babies strapped to a dads chest, seeing photos of boys with dolls and hearing stories of boys nurturing their baby dolls.  We think it's important for boys to gain their confidence through pretend play with dolls!


While we encourage little "daddies in training" to not be afraid to love any of our girl baby dolls, we also offer boy baby dolls as well. We are happy to see fellow toy makers creating boy dolls and even parents helping each other find the best boy dolls for their little ones. If you're looking specifically for boy dolls, we offer a variety of boy dolls in different sizes, outfits and materials for all different ages. From soft and cuddly dolls like our My First Adora Baby Boy, to our mini Baby Tots and BathTime Baby Tots to our popular PlayTime and BathTime Babies and our beautifully handcrafted ToddlerTime Dolls - we are sure you'll find something ADORAble for your little one!


Adora's Best Boy Dolls for Kids:

But again, this doesn't mean that your little tot can't love one of our many other dolls that happen to be wearing pink, yellow, orange or any other color of the rainbow! The bottom line is that he loves his baby doll. Pair their baby dolls with our Zig Zag PlayDate Accessories and your little one will be ready to take on the world! After successfully launching a few zig zag accessories in 2017, we decided to expand on this collection and realized that creating gender neutral accessories for girls AND boys takes an important step in realizing that we need to let our children just...PLAY! 

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