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16 Reasons How Baby Dolls Help Older Siblings Prepare for a New Baby

New baby on the way? Dolls are a great gift for siblings (in training)!

New baby on the way? Dolls are a great gift for siblings (in training)!


Happy National Siblings Day!

The arrival of a new baby brings challenges and changes to a family. As parents spend time and energy on preparations, most of the attention involves the soon-to-be newborn. Even after the baby is born, it's hard not to put the most energy and attention to the newest member of the family - but how to prepare the soon-to-be older sibling on how to be a good big sister or brother is just as important! Change can be hard for older siblings to handle and it's common for them to feel jealousy towards the newborn and try to gain the attention of parents by acting out.

But parents can prepare kids for an addition to the family. Discussing the pregnancy in terms that make sense to kids, making some arrangements, and including kids in the care of the newborn can make things easier for everyone... But there's nothing quite like having the older sibling prepare for a younger brother or sister with a baby doll


Here's how baby dolls can help older siblings prepare for a new baby:

  • Dolls help older siblings feel good about being "big helpers"
  • Older siblings love having something of their own to care for
  • Improves communication skills
  • Caring for a doll will emphasize the importance of family
  • Dolls build love and empathy as they learn to care for their baby doll
  • Older siblings will feel proud of doing things on their own
  • Builds confidence and enhanced role playing experiences
  • Dolls help build role-playing responsibilities
  • Gives older siblings a sense of importance 
  • Dolls help siblings realize that the baby is new and unique to them too
  • Prevents jealousy and regression
  • Older siblings get a head start in babysitting training
  • Dolls help older siblings feel included and less jealous
  • Playing with dolls with create memories that last a lifetime
  • Dolls make older siblings feel more involved
  • Makes being an older sibling FUN!

 Adora offers a wide variety of dolls that are the perfect gifts for siblings in training. We recommend that the best dolls to benefit from all the important things mentioned above are dolls that have more realistic features. Most of our dolls feature baby powder scented vinyl, weighted bodies to feel just like a real baby, open and close eyes, removable clothes, and soft cloth bodies underneath. Shop Adora's best Gifts for Siblings now. You'll find everything from ADORAble BabyTime Babies (known to be our most popular dolls for sibling training) and our NEW Adoption Babies (with tons of accessories so your little one knows what it's like to bring a baby home) and even our popular PlayDate Accessories like our Diaper Bag with Accessories. 

Soon-to-be siblings will love nurturing and caring for their Adora baby dolls. They will learn by seeing and imitating as they watch Mommy and Daddy kiss, rock, feed, burp and play with the newborn baby. Parents will be surprised to see how sweet, loving, kind and nurturing the newly big sister or brother can be as they engage in nurturing pretend play. Help your older child adjust to the new family member and welcome her sibling with open arms with a new Adora baby doll!  


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