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Gender Neutral Baby Doll Accessories -

Gender Neutral Accessories for Boys AND Girls!

Gender Neutral Accessories for Boys AND Girls!

Gender Neutral Accessories for Boys AND Girls


It’s a new world we live in, and when it comes to their children’s toys, parents shouldn’t feel constrained by gender boundaries. Gender specific toys can limit a child’s creative outlet.  And we certainly don’t want to do that! Implementing a more gender neutral approach to the toys a child plays with can have a great impact on their overall well-being.

If a girl was unable to play with toys traditionally marketed to boys, she may never know her knack for chemistry or architecture. And likewise, if a boy was never able to play with toys sold to girls, he may never learn his affinity for cooking or the importance of handling things with care. Parents often tell their kids to “dream big,” and that they’re able to accomplish any goal they set. Let’s not limit their choices!

In 2017, we proudly introduced an exciting new line of gender neutral play doll accessories which nicely complement the boy dolls already offered. The collection was created based on feedback from parents who were thrilled with Adora’s boy doll offerings and they wanted a neutral accessory collection to go with them. We call the new pattern Zig Zag and the accessories included the Zig Zag Medium Shade Umbrella Stroller, Zig Zag Diaper Bag and Zig Zag Feeding Seat. The cool mint and gray color palette, along with the adorable embroidered elephant featured on the diaper bag will appeal to the most stylish child. Just imagine the practical use and helpful skills children will obtain by using our trendy gender neutral toys!

After our successful 2017 launch of new gender neutral playdate accessories, we had to add more to this fun and trendy collection. For 2018, we introduced four more gender neutral toys to the collection - Zig Zag Playpen Bed, Zig Zag Car Seat Carrier, Zig Zag Shade Umbrella Stroller and the Zig Zag Baby Carrier. Now little ones can take their toys, dolls, plush and animal friends everywhere they go. The possibilities are endless and you can even have a whole zig zag accessory matching set!

This collection is an important one for Adora. Parents always want their child to feel loved, understood, and respected. And by allowing a child to choose which toys appeal to them without a gender bias parents are doing more than just purchasing something for them to pass the time with. They are creating a safe space for them, to be the person they are, without any reservations.

From our hearts to your homes, Adora proudly presents the gender neutral doll accessory collection. We truly believe that you and your little ones will love it just as much as we do! Shop Adora's Gender Neutral Doll Accessories now! 

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