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Quite Frankly, Our Scarlett O'hara Doll Is Adorable! -

Quite Frankly, our Scarlett O'Hara doll is Adorable!

Quite Frankly, our Scarlett O'Hara doll is Adorable!

One of the very first true blockbusters, 1939 epic romance "Gone with the Wind" starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable, is celebrating it's 75th Anniversary!

We couldn't help but commemorate a movie and its heroine  that has made such an impact on pop culture, even 3/4  of a century later. Adora has made a ToddlerTime™ baby of Scarlett O'Hara exclusively for QVC! Her segment will air on QVC Monday October 9th, 2014. Once again we can root for this courageous and lovable character through her various chapters of  life in terms of  family, work and of course - LOVE.




Dressed in her iconic cream and green colored dress featuring lace ruffles along the neckline, a wide brim hat that delicately rests on her head and layers of tulle peeking from under her skirt. Scarlett's green eyes perfectly stand out against her russet brown curls that gently frame her face. Her cheeks and lips are lightly brushed with hues of peach to finish this timeless look!

Be sure to tune into QVC and see this classic beauty made in Adora's signature ToddlerTime™ look!


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