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Adora Heads South For Christmas Donations -

Adora Heads South for Holiday Donations!

Adora Heads South for Holiday Donations!
Since we find inspiration in people and cultures all over the globe, it only makes sense that the staff at Adora are from countries all over the world!  A variety different accents can be heard every day in office whether it's British, Vietnamese of South American!
Our Product Development Manager Diana Avellan is a native of Colombia  and on her trip home this Holiday Season paid a visit to a very special Charity that is close to her heart.
Diana's mom volunteers at “Taller San Jose” (San Jose Shop) at Santa Maria De los Dolores Church located in Medellín,  Colombia. It's a group of women who meet once or twice a week to make baby ensembles, blankets, and other accessories for underprivileged young girls in the city. They sell their creations at auction events to raise funds to causes like the one from "Casa de la Divina Providencia” (Home of the Divine Providence).
Diana went and hand delivered dolls to the girls there in perfect time for many of them to have something under the tree!

We loved seeing their happy faces and we learned that spreading love and joy truly has no boundaries!

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