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Designed by Kids for Kids now in it's 3rd Year!

Designed by Kids for Kids now in it's 3rd Year!

Our Designed by Kids for Kids program is a true example that even small ideas can make BIG impacts. We are so thrilled that we are now in our 3rd year, and still empowering young girls to get creative, design something they're proud while also giving back to their community!

2015's Young Designer is a vibrant young girl from the sunshine state of Florida! Isabella is one imaginative designer who found the inspiration behind her outfit simply by watching a tv show. She explains "my inspiration was from a cartoon my brother watches called "Harold and the Purple Crayon" In one episode - Harold wants to be a Cowboy - this is what got Isabella thinking about her "Cowgirl" design.


Her design is certainly "best in the West" with an  ensemble that includes a cropped plaid top that ties, white knit shirt with "Pretty Little Cowgirl" printed on the front and denim jeans with little white stars stitched along the top. And what little Cowgirl would be complete without a Cowgirl hat and pink embroidered star! 

Pretty Little Cowgirl Outfit 2


Isabella also loves the arts and decided to give her financial donation from Adora to her local non-profit, Maitland Academy of the Performing Arts, which provides classes and equipment for kids who can't afford them.


photo (12)


Adora is now in its  official search  for this year's Young Designer who will help up design an outfit for our 18" Friends® Dolls that will be available with our 2016 line!


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