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Spreading Love and Joy; Miller Children's Hospital

Spreading Love and Joy; Miller Children's Hospital


On our recent visit to Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach, California we expected to go there to hand over the check that we were donating, since our Young Designer from the "Designed By Kids For Kids" program had chosen them to receive her charitable donation on our behalf. If you're not yet familiar with Adora's Designed by Kids Program is, get caught up here.

The event started out typically enough; a very nice meet and greet and photo session with the Adora Fairy, Kayla and some of the key hospital staff.


That was, until  we were invited to take a tour into the "Play Room" with some of the children.

A walk through Miller Children's Hospital and you'll notice sunny drawings by its little residents that line the walls and the friendly smiles of its volunteers and staff, but mostly you'll be greeted by the strongest and brightest kids within it's rooms.

Kids so resilient and so happy, despite their circumstances, you can't help but to feel simultaneously humbled and inspired by them.

Their positivity was as contagious as their laughter!


We handed out some toys, and their smiles and giggles were a thank you and beyond.


The families that visit here and their stories were nothing short of amazing.


By the end of our visit, we didn't want to leave!


At the time, we thought to ourselves, "maybe it's good that we came today, maybe we brightened their day."


Little did we know that meeting them was exactly what we needed, and not the other way around.

We hope to see our favorite little patients again in the near future, and look forward more than ever, to continue "Spreading Love & Joy!"

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