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Spreading Love & Joy: Ava's Story -

Spreading Love & Joy: Ava's Story

Spreading Love & Joy: Ava's Story

Nothing makes our hearts swell with happiness more than hearing about how our dolls and toys are "Spreading Love & Joy" around the world! It's a big reminder of why we do the things we do everyday here at Adora!

One of our customers, Sarah T. of  Mecca, Ohio shared  her story with us about her daughters love for our NurseryTime­™ Baby:

"I just want to say thank you. Last year my little girl begged for the nursery time baby for Christmas. Our budget is tight because her daddy had just been laid off from his job after 23 years of service. I decided to go ahead and get the doll and when I tried to purchase that blue eyed baby nobody had it. I finally found it through a place called Judy's dolls in Florida and I got the baby just in time for Christmas. My daughter, Ava, has not put her down since she unwrapped that special baby from Santa.










Ava and her NurseryTime™ Doll

Shortly after Christmas Ava started getting sick. She was having major head and face pain and we took her to many different Dr.'s who could not pinpoint the problem. Finally she had a catscan and we found out that she had a horrendous sinus infection. She went so long without treatment that she needed surgery. Her baby went with her into surgery. When I finally got to be with her in recovery, she was clutching her baby, with big tears rolling down her precious little face. That baby has been by her side this past year for every shot, blood test and scary Dr visit. Recently, Ave started having pain in her ear. We went to the Dr and found out that she had a blood clot on her ear drum. Again, Ava needed surgery. Again, the baby was by my little girl's side during surgery.

The nursery time baby is more than just a toy to my little girl. It is a major source of comfort.

I will never regret the purchase of this doll. It goes with Ava everywhere and it has been by her side through all of the scary health issues that she has faced. This year, she asked Santa for a "lay down baby stroller" I will soon be looking for the perfect stroller for Ava to push her baby in. And I'm sure she will love it. I'm also sure that this is one toy that she will never part with.

Thank you so much Adora for making a baby that has brought my baby so much comfort."


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